Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike

Filed Patent Application

Without using petrol this bike run on Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel. Without creating any polluting Gas; Harmful for environment. This Bike Fuel is Sustainable Fuel and it's a bio-fuel & Cost-effective.You can run your Bike using Hydrogen-Ethanol fuel instead of petrol.Using this Bike developed by me does not cause any kind of pollution.This is a cost-effective fuel.There is no end of this fuel,number of times we can make this fuel, using sugarcane juice.

Workshop manufacturing process photo's


Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel

Invented by Vikrant Subhash pawar

You have never seen before a bike like run on Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel this before. Without using petrol this bike run on Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel.The Hydrogen-ethanol Fuel Powered Bike that helps reduce pollution gas problem cause vehicle. this bike is non-pollution Bike.There is no end of this fuel,number of times we can make this fuel,using sugarcane juice fermentation Process.We don't need to depend on other countries for this fuel because it is made from sugarcane and sugarcane is grown in an most country so every country can make it at its own level,As long as there is agriculture, there will be no shortage of this fuel.we generate hydrogen gas without using any external power source from water.


International silver medalist 2022
technoxian world robotics championship 2022(senior innovation catagory) new Delhi, India

I never thought that one day I will fly the flag of India at the global level. But today I understand that dreams can be fulfilled if you try,if you gives your best.

Shark Tank
Best Business Idea Pitch (secured second position) national level

I won National Level Second Place In The "Shark Tank" Best Business idea Pitch competition conducted as part of Alegria-The Festival of Joy 2023,Organised By Mahatma Education Society's Pillai Group of Institutions at Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai campus, New panvel, Mumbai.

National level innovation competition 1st
Symbiosis international University Pune,india

 I won first position in innovation project competition organised by symbiosis international University Pune 

After 2 years of hardworking i devlop this working prototype.

I Completed my diploma in mechanical engineering Now I pursuing B.Tech ( 3rd year) in mechanical engineering.

Vikrant Subhash pawar